Corporate Videos

We create customized corporate videos and media content that highlight a company’s brand, culture and differentiation for the market.

Social Media Management

We create and manage various content to post out to target audiences and track what works and what doesn’t.

Talent Attraction

We help companies find and engage with the right people for their organization through media and managed search services.

Motionworks Careers

Motionworks Careers is an employer branding and talent-attraction-focused branding board for companies to post content and differentiators such as culture, people, structure and open jobs. The platform will replace the traditional job board and offer a place to engage with potential candidates.

Motionworks Media

Motionworks Media is an employer branding platform to develop new business and engage more with potential audiences. The platform will enable small to medium companies brand themselves more effectively on a limited budget.

Motionworks Learning

Motionworks Learning is a platform to help companies deliver engaging learning content for online training and education. The platform relies on gamification and offers a trackable and cost-effective method to deliver training to a large audience. Contact us to learn more about how we can develop customized content for your organization.

Motionworks Learning

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